Pods are smaller informal circles of WCA/NH members who live nearby and want to connect to work, play, see shows together, etc.!

Plymouth Pod

For more pod information and meeting places and dates contact: Susan Wei (mommyawei@gmail.com) or Paulette Brace (paulette@bracemail.com)

Artist’s Meeting Point (AMP)

Just north of Concord, the POD called AMP
meets at Twiggs Gallery at Cornerstone Design
254 King Street, Boscawen, NH
Bring your lunch and stay and chat if you would like.
You can reach Adele Sanborn at adele.sanborn@gmail.com
or Deb Brown at itsinourhands51@gmail.com if you have any questions or need any additional information.

Concord Expressive Art Pod

Meets at One Tremont Street in Concord.

Contact Anne L. Boedecker www.arthealsthesoul.com

Monadnock Pod

If you’d like to check it out or join, contact Kate Dean
at kdeanarcoiris@gmail.com.

Lakes Region Pod

Contact Dayna Talbot.

Start a Pod

If you’d like to start one, let me know, debra@debraclaffey.com, we’ll send a shoutout to the membership.

Send your pod news to share to debra@debraclaffey.com.