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Support Women in the Arts
Join us in our commitment of recognizing the contributions of women in the arts – providing women with leadership opportunities and professional development – expanding our networking and exhibition opportunities for women – supporting local, national, and global art activism – advocating for equity in the arts for all. You can support WCA/NH with a tax deductible donation.

Friend of the Arts: Any amount up to $95

This contribution can be used in a number of ways. One way is to give membership subsidies to women with limited means. Funds will also be used to support local chapter events and activities including Art Shares, trading card exchanges, and payment for speakers at our members meetings.

Scholarship: $100+

As a Scholarship sponsor you will be participating in a project that support women artists from New Hampshire.

Exhibition Sponsor: $300+

Your donation of $300 or more will be used to fund our exhibitions. This allows us to hire a juror and to recognize our artists with awards. Your company identification and information will be used on our website and on promotional materials related to our exhibitions.

Lifetime Achievement Awards: Add $5 to your membership

Is a small donation we ask members to add when filling out their membership application in order to support nationals WCA Lifetime Achievement Awards. Each year our national chapter seeks to recognize distinguished professional women in the visual arts on a national scale. For many awardees, the WCA honor is the most significant recognition of their life’s work. The New Hampshire chapter demonstrates its commitment to the recognition of these awardees with a contribution from our local chapter. If you add the suggested $5.00 (five dollars) to your membership application, we will add your donation to our annual gift to National WCA for this purpose. Thank you for considering this donation.