WCA/NH artists were invited to illustrate their in-depth perceptions of a subject, feeling or impression in a way that encourages the viewer to consider all aspects of the art. What will a second look into the searching for an understanding of the topic reveal? Could the facets found in the specifics of the art take the viewer down a path through a magical door to someplace special? How we explore new ideas and materials can bring more detailed emotions and reactions of all varieties to the surface. Congratulations to all our exhibitiong members!  Take a look below.


The Prize Winners for A Closer Look: The Meaning Underneath:
FIRST PRIZE: Julie Serrano for Tidal Pond
SECOND PRIZE: Linda Graham for Flash of Sunlight
THIRD PRIZE: Linda Greenwood for A Biker’s Dreamcatcher
Honorable Mention Awards:
Elsa Voelcker for Fleur-de-vie
Suzanne Pretty for To Extinction
Loretta Hubley for Seaside Meditation
Betty Brown for Peony Sky, Margaret’s Garden
Susan Wadsworth for Gusti Gardens, Verona, Italy
Heather Lord for Canterbury Path