A goal of WCA is to build community….

One good way to do this is keeping in touch.


ArtGenda, the e-newsletter of the NH Chapter, began as a replacement of a physical newsletter. The goal was to inform members of upcoming exhibitions and meetings, even knowing that not all members were computer literate – yet. This was the forward thinking brainchild of then president Sue Whittaker, who provided the name, ArtGenda, in 2013.

That was then. Since, ArtGenda has grown into a multifunction house organ supplying detailed information about meetings, events, programs, member’s exhibitions. More recently, it also contains lots of chatty contributions and photos supplied by any member who wishes. What began as giving out essential information about our organization to members only, in this time of COVID, is helping us stay in touch by becoming a full artshare!

Members send a panoply of additions to the editor: quotes, photos of new work, updates on projects, tv programs they like, not to miss movies, places they have found particularly beautiful, and books they like. This sharing helps this group of 100, more of less, know each other better and take a more active part in a community of women artists.  This also means that each edition of ArtGenda is unique.  There are still the staples of meeting dates, upcoming exhibits, information on the scholarships that we offer, all particular to WCA/NH, but the vitality comes from the unique contributions of artists who want to share their artistic life and enjoy hearing from each other.

As Editor, in addition to the “business” of WCA/NH, I publish whatever members send me. I ask particularly for photos, since we are a visual bunch! I then send ArtGenda to our extensive email lists and publish it on our Facebook, encouraging sharing.  This is a change from our members-only beginning. While only members can contribute, everyone can enjoy. Anything sent to me gets a wide play! Each month I wait with excitement to see what members send me to share! It seems to be working. “Opens” are up!

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If you would like to receive New Hampshire Chapter’s ArtGenda, please sign up in the form at the bottom of this page. There you will also find past issues of ArtGenda to enjoy.

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