Have A Bright New Year is a WCA/NH members’ exhibition on view at Dos Amigos in Concord, NH, until January 31, 2018. I wanted to know more about how the idea for the show came together, so I asked Coordinator Heather Lord a few questions.

What gave you the theme idea? 

Thinking up theme ideas is not my strong point, so I asked for help at an exhibitions committee meeting last spring.  My initial thought was to request brightly colored art, because it would be more cheerful in winter. The committee expanded on my rudimentary idea by suggesting a theme about the New Year, because the exhibit was to be in January. “Have A Bright New Year!” was the consensus, and I loved it.

Is this your first chance to organize a WCA/NH exhibit? 

This is the third exhibit that I have coordinated for WCA/NH, and I learned loads by doing each of them over the past three years that I have been on the Exhibitions Committee.

Who was on the team with you? 

I began this project last spring and received plenty of backing along the way. Beverly Runyan and Paulette Brace sent out emails to all the membership calling for artwork, several times. Kimberly J. B. Smith handled the publicity, sending out press releases and following up with emails. You taught me how to use software to check the applications coming in online, and you kept the website updated as needed. Lastly, three members of the Exhibitions Committee gave up their New Year’s morning to help me hang the show. They are: Carole Groenke, Jodi Scaltreto, and Paulette Brace. The team was responsive to my needs and I always felt supported.

What is the best, or most surprising aspect of organizing an exhibit? 

The quality of the artwork coming in just delighted me. I am impressed by the talent of the artists in WCA/NH! It is always fun to hang a show when you have really good work to display!

What was your biggest challenge? 

Artists not communicating their needs to me about changes they wanted to make, after applying, was the biggest challenge. I don’t mind making changes for titles, prices, or even substituting another painting, as long as the artist tells me. But when they don’t tell me, and then drop off their paintings with a different title, etc., that makes more work.

Would you recommend that other WCA/NH members jump in and organize an exhibit? 

Definitely!  Being an artist can be a very solitary experience, and the camaraderie on the Exhibitions Committee is enjoyable. Plus, arranging other people’s artwork in an attractive manner is an art form in itself! An added benefit for me is that I am much more likely to finish my own artwork, frame, and exhibit it! Therefore, working on exhibits creates more opportunities for me, and for other artists. How cool is that?

Stop by and check out the show!


Dos Amigos Restaurant,  26 North Main Street, Concord, NH 03301, (603) 410-4161

Barbara Zimmer, Amanda’s Tulips, watercolor, 14 x 21 inches
Adele Sanborn, Change, mixed media, 6 x 6 inches
Brenda Wilbert, Sudden Glory, mixed media, 12 x 6 inches
Heather Lord, Almost Home, pastel, 11 x 14 inches
Feature image: Paulette Brace, Carol Groenke, Heather Lord, and Jodi Scaltreto