Mindi Holland is one of two artists who were awarded a 2017 WCA/NH Scholarship. She is a senior at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester. I met her at the Fall Members’ Meeting when she gave us all a small presentation about her work. We look forward to working with her. I though other members would be interested in knowing more about our newest member so I asked her a few questions about her self and her work.

What is your artist story?

I never stopped to think that art was not everyone’s favorite subject in school! Learn-to-draw books and action figures were constantly on my wish lists. I have an unwavering love for comics, animation, and puppets. There was never any question that making art would always be a major part of my life. I had art classes in high school and it was the concentration for my Associates degree. However, NHIA was the first art school I attended and came later in life. My mother, sister, and grandmother are artistically inclined. My father, too, is very creative and resourceful. Any artist, especially an artist that has to work hard at developing their skill, needs a great support system and this includes having mentors. I have the good fortune to have many mentors in the art community. These individuals include instructors, professors, peers, and even artists I have never met!

What is your favorite medium lately?

I can’t choose just one favorite medium right now but I have been working with oil paint a lot. I have also been experimenting with acrylic spray paints. Oil based clays are also a staple medium in my practice.

What other mediums have you worked in or studied?

As a student at NHIA I am being exposed to many disciplines and mediums. This includes printmaking, book arts, small metal design, oil painting, and sculpting.

What is your current work about?

My work is usually figurative and focuses on an accurate rendering of proportions and tones. As I am entering into my senior year I hope to continue working figuratively as I explore the idea of motion and the points of articulation.

King For a Day, oil painting on canvas board

Do you work in series or themes or in individual pieces?

I do tend to work on individual pieces and do not work in series. I am naturally a jack of all trades and this characteristic carries over to my art.

What other themes have interested you?

The theme of motion has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember. The articulation of joints, kinetic sculptures, and rheoscopic fluid are a few sources of inspiration. I am particularly interested in the wear and tear that is created as a result of the friction produced.

Favorite content?

I would say my favorite content would be anything anatomical—both animal and plant. In my opinion life as a whole is the greatest collective representation of motion.

Holland, Pearl, plaster sculpture

Pearl, plaster sculpture


What interested you about the Women’s Caucus for Art?

After researching WCA/NH I knew it would be a fantastic way to network and to grow as an artist. There are organizations of all kinds but WCA/NH celebrated women artists, and I was drawn to that element.

Your scholarship includes a one-year membership to WCA/NH and the National WCA. What benefits do you think membership will provide you?

There are exhibitions and meetings offered to its members. Most of all, the membership to WCA/NH offers me a wonderful platform to share artwork, stories, and techniques.


What might the scholarship allow that you would not have been able to do otherwise?

The scholarship has benefited me in a few ways. Thanks to the generosity and efforts of the organization I have been able to apply the scholarship to my tuition at NHIA. Also, the scholarship award represents my passion for art and dedication as a student and will be added to my artist’s CV.

Holland, Shit Just Got Real, intaglio print

Shit Just Got Real, intaglio print

Another benefit is the one-year membership to WCA/NH. When most of your resources go towards school supplies, textbooks, and other educational costs, a scholarship that also includes a membership like this was a huge gift!

What would you say to another woman artist about joining WCA/NH?

I consider the membership to WCA/NH to be such an incredible resource for women artists. There are exhibitions and shows that are offered to the public but some are exclusive to members. Also, the smaller local artist communities called “pods” are a huge membership perk. Sometimes leaving the studio and connecting with other artists can be so beneficial to stimulating creativity. The pods offer members the chance to meet closer to where they live and more flexibility to connect.