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Here is a letter and photos from our member, Diane Louise Paul. We are thrilled that WCA/NH could provide funds for professional development in the name of our long-time and dearly-missed member Edith Weiler. Check out the program here:

I wanted to say thank you very much for The Edith Weiler Scholarship for Professional Development. I used this scholarship to attend a virtual three day online class on metal stamp making and stamping put on by MetalWerx school: The Instructor was Matthieu Cheminee.

I learned how to make my own one of a kind handmade stamps that I will be using in my leather  and  with the new metal work I am doing. This class immensely helped me grow as an artist to be able to create my own one of a kind handmade designs, elevating my work to a new level. I feel so blessed to be part of this great community. I had joined WCANH before the Pandemic and had no idea how much this one decision would make in my life. It opened many doors as an artist and helped me get through this pandemic – especially with our monthly pod zoom meetings, seeing and talking about our artwork with others helped me get through many dark days. I look forward to the bright future of learning more about art through this great and caring organization.

Diane Louise Paul Leather Artisan

Hand-Crafted Leather & Repair

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