The Edith Weiler Scholarship Program

The WCA/NH Edith Weiler Scholarship


Edie was an accomplished photographer and a much loved member of WCA/NH. She was our Exhibitions Coordinator for many years and devoted countless hours volunteering for our group. After many years of taking beautiful photographs using film, and then digital photography, on a whim she took a workshop in tintypes, a 19th century wet plate collodion photographic technique. This workshop took her in a completely new direction. She became passionate about this very complicated, labor intensive process and created countless beautiful, yet haunting photos. We are creating this scholarship in her memory to help motivate our members to study something new, a new technique or medium to inspire and motivate you to explore a new direction in your work.

You can see her work here:

Who can apply:

The Edith Weiler Scholarship is for WCA/NH members who wish to expand their expertise in the visual arts through workshops, seminars, or classes. We encourage members to cultivate their artistic practice by exploring new media, new techniques, and experimentation.

How to apply:

Please write a description of what it is you want to study, why you are interested in this particular class, workshop or seminar, subject and instructor, and what it is you are expecting to gain from your experience.  Let us know if you would be interested in teaching or talking about your learning experience at a Spring or Fall meeting. Please include links to the event, instructor or any other important information. Let us know what the price of the class is and how much assistance you are requesting. Include information regarding deadlines for applications, payment, early bird pricing, etc.  As soon as we have sufficient funding we will announce and make available an email to send applications to. Stay tuned!


There is no deadline at this time. We will award money as funds allow on a revolving basis. Please send in your applications well in advance to give us time to decide.

Donate to the WCA/NH Edith Weiler Scholarship Fund

Your gift to the WCA/NH Edith Weiler Scholarship Fund will enable a WCA/NH member attend a course or seminar that will enhance their artistic skills. It may lead to advanced mastery of a current technique or way of working, or lead to a new direction or even a completely new body of work! 

Your gift will be much appreciated. If you are a business that would like to donate, we will happily include your logo on this page as a WCA/NH supporter!