Pods are smaller informal circles of WCA/NH members who live nearby and want to connect to work, play, see shows together, etc.!

Artist’s Meeting Point (AMP)

The Artists’ Meeting Point or AMP is a coming together of artists, artisans and craft people in the Concord area. Our goal is to provide a place where we can share what we do in a caring and encouraging atmosphere, support each other by seeking and sharing solutions, and promote a variety of creative results across abilities and media.

Meetings are held at TWIGGS Gallery, Boscawen, NH.

Email: adele.sanborn@gmail.com

Monadnock Pod

If you’d like to check it out or join, contact Kate Dean
at kdeanarcoiris@gmail.com.

Lakes Region Pod

Lakes Region Pod
The Lakes Region Pod meets regularly to share thoughts and ideas about their work. More information about meetings coming in the next issue of Artgenda. Contact: Dayna Talbot.

Plymouth Pod

For more pod information and meeting places and dates, see the next issue of ArtGenda, or contact Susan Wei (mommyawei@gmail.com) or Paulette Brace (paulettebrace00@gmail.com)