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A WCA/NH Members Open Exhibit

September 11-October 31, 2021

Twiggs Gallery

254 King Street, Boscawen NH 03303


Use the theme of a shoe as the focus of the artwork to symbolize the kick-starting of our lives and to show how to encourage people to step out of the restrictions imposed on everyone this past year.

How can we represent a “kick start” in energizing the launching of a new stretch of happiness?

Is it an athletic shoe that will thrust us forward? Is it a work shoe that will take us back to the office? Is it a high heel that will send us clicking on the dance floor or skipping at a party? How about a sandal that will allow the sand to tickle our toes on the beach? Show a flip flop shoe that will “flip” us into a special happy mood. Maybe it is slippers to guide us to a good night’s sleep. Stomp around in the rain in your old galoshes!  Or finally find your “solemate.” Put some spring into your step and use the “shoe” as a catalyst to launch us into new adventures. The exhibit will be a tribute to the resiliency of women and to the many ways women have found to re-boot their lives since the onset of the corona pandemic.

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Apply online HERE. 

Send in your entry form now to signal your intent to participate. Just finish your kicks by the time of exhibition.

Claffey-Breath of the Forest LOGO
Claffey-Breath of the Forest LOGO



A WCA/NH Members Open Exhibit
June 5 through July 1, 2021
Rochester Museum of Fine Art
The Bernier Room at
The Rochester Community Center,
Rochester NH

We are revisiting the relationship between humans and nature at a time when perhaps reconnection is needed most. Seeking solace in our sacred spaces, many choose the majesty of the forest -  warm, protective canopies, or towering strengths of possibilities reaching into the sky - home to hundreds of minute neighborhoods of their own, all trying to do the same thing we’re doing now - live.

How do you see your own relationship with nature and the forest? What aspects of forests or their natural ingredients inspire you? What do you focus on when you experience and respond to groupings of trees?

Bring back your work from the original “Breath of the Forest” for 2020 or create something new - all are welcome for “Breath of the Forest” (Take 2)!

Exhibition Dates:  June 5 through July 1, 2021.

Opening Reception: None

Drop off:  Friday, June 4, 1-4pm at Rochester Museum of Fine Art, Rochester Community Center, Rochester NH.

Pick up:  Friday, July 2, time to be determined.

The Rochester Museum is open Monday through Friday 9am - 4pm.

Entry Deadline:  May 16 or until we receive 40 works.

Entry fee: $15.00; first come, first served opportunity.


Eligibility: You must be a 2021 member to enter WCA/NH to enter.

Download the prospectus HERE

Apply online HERE