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Breath of the Forest

The relationship between humans and nature is essential, symbiotic, inspiring, and problematic. Experiencing the forest via small encounters with wildflowers on our window sills, collecting leaves, listening to bird songs, savoring treasured rocks, or more immersive experiences that engage all of our senses like quiet walks on secluded trails, wading in ponds, bird watching, or exploring animal habitats provide opportunities to gather strength, to re-connect with the rich natural place we live in, and to simply take long breaths that calm and heal us.
How do you see your own relationship with nature and the forest? What aspects of forests or their natural ingredients inspire you? What do you focus on when you experience and respond to groupings of trees?

Exhibition Dates: April 1 through June 3, 2020.
Deadline: March 20 or until we receive 20 works.
Exhibition location: McLane Audubon Center, Concord, NH
Eligibility: You must be a current dues-paying member of WCA/NH to enter the exhibition
Entry fee: $15.00; one entry per person, with a limit of 20 artworks total. This is a first come, first served opportunity.
Reception: April 9th, time TBA.
Commission: 30%.
Artwork specifications: This exhibit is for 2D artwork only. Size limitation: Artwork no larger than 24” on a side (unframed), or smaller, will be accepted.

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This is a WCA/NH Members Open Exhibition that will be open from February 1, though February 29, 2020.  You must be a 2020 dues paying member of WCA/NH to enter this exhibition.

Gallery:  Red River Theatres
11 South Main Street, L # 1, Concord, NH  03301

Gallery Hours:  Red River is open ½ hour before a movie until ½ hour after.

Artwork Specification: Two-Dimensional artwork no larger than 11 by 14 (unframed) will be accepted. There is no specific theme. We will accept up to 15 works, first come, first served, one entry per artist. Family friendly artwork only!

Deadline to enter was January 20, 2020, or when we received 15 works. —Entries are closed.—

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