Artist Trading Cards

Artists trading cards

from left to right, top to bottom are: Pam Smith, Alice Sharie-Revelski, Wendy Ayotte, Linda Greenwood and Lynn Hand.

WCANH Artist Trading Cards has a New Coordinator!

Sue Canella has volunteered to coordinate the 2023 WCANH ATC trades. The ATC’s will be due quarterly in March, June, September, and December. They should be sent to Sue by the first of the month. She suggests that everyone use their own unique style and whatever art medium they like. If you want to try a new style or medium, by all means GO FOR IT.

The themes will be the seasons:

March 1st: Spring

June 1st: Summer

September 1st: Autumn

December 1st: Winter

The number to make should be 8. And make yourself an extra one to keep if you like. She will try not to send you back one of your own and she will keep one for the archives as well.

Mail to:

Miss Sue Cannella,
86 Sargent Station Rd – Lot 34,
Weare, NH 03281.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – if you want to receive a collection back you MUST include a self-addressed envelope large enough and with enough postage on it for a full packet of ATC’s.

Thank you Sue for volunteering! Sue’s email is

What are ATC’s?

If you are unfamiliar with Artist Trading Cards, they are little pieces of art are traded, much like kids used to trade baseball cards back in the day.  There is really only one necessary guideline, and that is that they measure 2 ½” x 3 ½”. ATCs can be made of any material you think of. Many people cut watercolor paper to size and base their work on that, but we have ATCs in our archives made entirely of fiber, glass and acetate, to name a few. Be creative! Polymer clay, metal, thin sheets of wood, quilting – what is your specialty? ATCs can be dimensional or flat, painted or collaged, have moving pieces, tags, folds, embellishments or anything you can dream up. They just must stay within the 2 ½” x 3 ½” format.